Comic Book News - Your First Look At VENOM #11!

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Your First Look At VENOM #11!

Venom is on the run from his country and he’ll have to turn to the one person he despises the most for help in your first look at Venom #11! From critically acclaimed writer Rick Remender and red-hot artist Lan Medina, Venom has nowhere left to go and when he’s able to finally find some help…it may be the worst decision he’s made yet. That’s right, it’s the team-up you never thought you’d see as Venom teams with JACK-O-LANTERN! How bad can things be that Flash Thompson has to side with his archenemy? Find out this December, in Venom #11!

VENOM #11 (OCT110635)
Pencils by LAN MEDINA
FOC – 11/28/11, ON SALE – 12/21/11


Venom #11 Preview   Venom #11 Cover   
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  1. nothing


    11-24-2012 7:21 pm

    @docoweatpoo i had max carnage on my sega, such an awsemoe game, i found carnage to be soo fuckin hard to beat at the end, and there was one other boss too where i had so much trouble dont remember which 1 tho


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