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Fanboy Buzz - Episode #080

In Episode 80 of our Fanboy Buzz podcast we’ll start off in our news section talking about Marvel partnering with Barnes & Noble with their NOOK tablet and we’ll talk about a large truck of CGC graded comics getting stolen. After Steve shares his feelings on his first encounter with digital comics (he finally tried it out – woohoo) we’ll get into a lengthy discussion about the pros and cons of keeping around physical comics. If that wasn’t enough, we’ll have a good debate about how physical comics play into the collecting market – and then JS shares info about his personal collection (it isn’t comics though). Of course as usual we’ll have our comic book discussion which includes Steve’s CCL Pick of the Week – Incredible Hulk #1, JS will take us off the beaten path with Fear Agent and we’ll also discuss Six Guns #1, Shame Itself #1 and Avengers Origins: Ant-Man and Wasp #1. You can always call us at 239-244-2899.

Show Note 1: CGC Article

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