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In Episode 76 of the Fanboy Buzz we talk about DC Comic’s Crisis crisis, we talk about Thomas Jane and his prior hooking, DC hiring Neilsen to get stats about the comics… or supposed stats we should say and JS tells us about some Captain America stills. In comics we’ll hope into CCL’s pick of the week which is an old pick, then in Issue to Issue we’ll run down the last of the DC Number 1s and then Jason will once again educate us in his rapid fire reviews. Finally, before we hop into our Fanboy Feedback Steven Boyd is going to share with us one of his personal encounters with Dan DiDio and will tell us a bit about what comics he reads…. or we should probably say what comics he doesn’t read (hint – the correct answer is anything you guess). Leave us some feedback at 239-244-2899 or email

Show Note: Avengers Shots

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5 Responses to “Fanboy Buzz – Episode #076”

  1. nothing


    10-12-2011 3:29 pm

    I came up with a theory on the new 52 – what if the timeline we are seeing in the comics is indicative of the Flash’s run through Flashpoint to reach his acceptable present?

    Consider the transformation the character makes and imagine that every title represents a step towards that final moment where he is back in the “present”. That would allow the alternate realities, which create the illusion of the kickstart that DC wanted and allows the company to return to the present, fan understood, continuum leaving some of those new elements in place for reference later on.

    I thought of this since the end of Flashpoint claimed that the future depended on a decision which Batman was suppose to make. I did not really see where that decision took place in Flashpoint, so it is possible it has not been made yet.
    Who knows. This may be my attempt to find order where there really isn’t any.

    On a similar note, have any of you read DC’s Armageddon 2000 series of crossovers? An interesting story came from one of its writers which stated that DC intended the hero turned villain at the end of the story was meant to be Captain Atom. When the great reveal was figured out by fans, the writers changed the ending to be one of the incredibly unlikely B-list superheroes. The explanation was really rough and didn’t do all the build up justice. I hope that the new 52 is not heading this way, because it will be an awful shame and will, as Jason points out, mark some dark days ahead for DC’s franchises.


  2. nothing


    10-12-2011 3:31 pm

    On another note, Alpha Flight’s current writing team is Van Lente and Greg Pak. Sometimes writing teams are better than solo projects and it may be the case for these gentlemen.


  3. nothing


    10-12-2011 3:35 pm

    I asked on facebook if anyone knew how the Avengers got their name. I am asking again on the site because I find the name curious and conflicting with the way they have been presented over the years as a peacekeeping force.


  4. nothing


    10-13-2011 3:02 am

    In “The Coming of the Avengers” (Avengers #1, 1963), After battling against Loki Ant-Man states the five work well together and suggests they form a combined team; the Wasp names the group “the Avengers” because it sounded “dramatic”.

    The name Avengers doesn’t really fit the M.O. of the team, since they don’t really do much avenging but more defending. Avengers does sound cooler than Defenders or Protectors etc though.


  5. nothing


    10-13-2011 1:24 pm

    Thanks Scott. I always wondered if there was more to the name. In the Invaders, Bucky mentioned something about calling the Invaders, “America’s Avenging Sons” or something to that effect and I wasn’t sure if the two were related.


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