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Created on August 12, 2011 and written by
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Oooh Ooh — a day early release date, how exciting! In Episode 68 of the Fanboy Buzz we run through Cowboys and Aliens writers comment on the new film, Hellboy is going to die (wait a second, can he?), we discuss the rumors of the Fantastic Four comic back and Steve likes Nick Cage and can’t wait to see the Ghost Rider Sequel (we really hope to see the CGI abs again). In his pick of the week Steve reflects on Amazing Spider-Man (Vol 2) #36 and how it feels now versus back then, JS throws TWO Off the beaten path picks at us, Jason launches a brand new TIME SPHERE section and he also has his Rapid Fire Reviews. In Issue to Issue we’ll talk about Flashpoint #4, Punisher #1 and The Infinite #1. Finally, we’ll wrap up with some Fanboy Feedback and discuss some art that was inspired by… well, umm, us. Call us at 239-244-2899.

Show Note 1: Check out the Fantastic Four teaser that JS discusses in Project Fanboy’s Comic Book News.

Show Note 2: Check out the Prime piece from our Fanboy Feed back over here.

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