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This episode we discuss the recent ruling of the Jack Kirby Estate trial, the Marc Silvestri Incredible Hulk #1 Cover And Trailer, new Ultimate Spider-Man and whether or not we think its a marketing gimick my Marvel and we also chat some Cowboys and Aliens. In comics Steve’s CCL Pick of the Week is TRANSFORMERS: RODIMUS vs CYCLONUS #1, in Stephen Supports Sucky Comics we chat about LOIS LANE AND THE RESISTANCE #2, in Off the Beaten Path JS talks about SCARLETT and we also have Jason Dyer’s Rapid Fire Reviews. Of course it wouldn’t be a podcast without Hellblazing either. In Issue to Issue we talk about BOMB QUEEN ALL GIRL SPECIAL #1, AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #666 and FLASHPOINT HAL JORDAN #2. After comics we slide right into some Fanboy Feedback and before we close JS gets some anger off his chest. Call us at 239-244-2899!

Show note 1: See THE HULK Cover and Trailer over at Bleeding Cool

Show note 2: Check out the new Ultimate-Spider over at Project Fanboy

Show note 3: Check out the CCL Fundraiser over here

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3 Responses to “Fanboy Buzz – Episode #067”

  1. nothing


    08-11-2011 5:39 am

    Thank you for your kind words on this podcast.
    I will try to be more brief in my comments this time.
    Bomb Queen sounds incredibly raunchy, which done well can be very interesting. Have any of you read Martial Law? It is an old title, but reads and illustrates the same over the top madness you describe for the Bomb Queen. I will give her a try.

    I would like to hear about J.S.’s experience with Star Wars. Overall, I have heard sterling reviews of the writing and art on the various series produced by Dark Horse. With successes such as the Star Wars comics, Hellboy and the many other series they produce, I think you should look at them for your issue to issue or pick of the week segments.

    Jason, I really was a fan of Cable when he first arrived in Marvel. However, I found that he became lost as a character after Liefeld jumped ship. His involvement in Cable and Deadpool was really flat compared to the vibrant Deadpool. His subsequent use in the Xtitles just seemed like a means to an end. He literally became a man out of time, trapped in the flashy nineties struggling for meaning in the 21st C. I hope the new series does bring him some more direction.

    I enjoyed Steve’s Ultraverse podcast. I was more of a Valiant fan, but I must admit many of the ideas they had for stories were very avant garde. Even now, the concepts put forth, such as Prime seems to be at the heart of current concepts like Mark Millar’s Superior. It’s a shame more wasn’t done with the imprint.

    I said I wouldn’t ramble, but I did again. Stay entertaining, read the Valiant reduxes and critique more independents – J.S., keep trying to get on Comixology or I suggest reading Feeding Grounds put out by Arcacia books.

    In any event, thanks and great show.


  2. nothing


    08-11-2011 8:22 am

    One more thing, to refute America’s disinterest in Canada and Canadian superheroes. Alpha Flight under John Byrne had direction. More importantly, because of John Byrne’s knowledge of Canada, I think its depiction was more interesting in the beginning.

    After awhile though, the plots were going too mystical and marvel’s mystical characters weren’t as interesting as the company traversed the eighties and went into the nineties.

    Marvel’s premiere Canadian team of heroes became trapped in storylines that were reminiscent of poorly written Doctor Who episodes with forgettable villains and even moreso, forgettable character evolution. The team took its lowest form when it became an absurd joke with characters like Puck II and Major Mapleleaf.

    Your report on the mini “Fear Itself” story intrigues me and I will go out to check it out. Hopefully, the House of Ideas has finally found Alpha’s place in the Marvel universe.


  3. nothing


    08-15-2011 8:39 pm

    Hey Joe – Thanks for the comment – I will make a special Dark Horse Segment on the next podcast of what I have read.


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