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Interview: Brutus “The Barber” Beefcake

Written by on Aug 26, 2011
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The man who’s cut more professional wrestlers hair than their own barbers!

Zena Zarthos to Host Tribute to Alex Thomas

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It was only recently that Sky City Memorial Park was the location for a special event paying tribute to The Standard, with Alex Thomas unveiling a statue in his likeness to stand next to the statue of Gilbert Graham that has long been a familiar city landmark.  But a lot has happened since  then.  Now, Alex Thomas is dead, brutally murdered in a crime that remains unsolved.  With Sky City embroiled in an atmosphere of grief and confusion, Zena Zarthos – CEO of Zarthos Industries and Alex’s friend – will be using Memorial Park to host a special tribute evening in The Standard’s memory.

“We are all still trying to process this monumental loss,” Miss Zarthos said in a statement earlier today, “It is perhaps our city’s darkest hour.  But in this difficult time, we must take a lesson from Alex, and find the strength within ourselves to carry on.  I have arranged this event in Memorial Park so we can all come together to remember Sky City’s favorite son.  And I shall be unveiling something that I can only hope pays suitable respect to his heroic legacy.”

The twin statues in Memorial Park had been a celebration of life, of a city – and its heroes – moving forward, staying relevant, and changing  with the times.  But now it stands as a commemoration of a tragic death.


Fanboy Buzz – Episode #070

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This episode of the podcast we talk about Atomic Comics being dead, Electing Your President with Boom, Rob Granito Hockey Jersey Funrdaiser and Steve Geppi’s Financial Portfolio is pretty low….. well for a millionaire. In the CCL Pick of the Week we talk about Ultimate Fallout #6, JS will launch another new segment, in Stephen Supports Suck Comics we’ll talk about Spider-Island: Amazing Spider-Girl #1, Jason takes us to the past with Time Sphere, he also gives us an extra special Jason Dyer’s Rapid Fire Review (go easy on the rapid) and in Issue to Issue we’ll talk about Green Lantern Corp 63, Avengers 16 and Incorruptible 21. Finally we’ll wrap it up with some Fanboy Feedback. Please leave us a message at 239-244-2899.

Show Note 1: Granito Hockey Jersey
Show Note 2: Ghost Rider Trailer

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