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Fanboy Buzz - Episode #062

One of Project Fanboy’s staff reviewers, Dustin Riccio, joins us for this episode. In this episode of the Fanboy Buzz we talk about Conan O’Brien, Transformers #3 kicks Green Lantern’s sales, Garth Ennis making his directorial debut, Holy Terror, and we have a lengthy discussion about piracy and whether it does (or doesn’t) affect comic book sales. We also chat about Image Comics and their new advertising teasers. For his CCL Pick of the Week Steve tells us about IDW Transformers #21, after that Dustin tells us a bit about Batman Inc #7 and then Jason has his rapid fire reviews. In Issue to Issue we talk about FF#5, Flashpoint Hal Jordan #1 and Incredible Hulks Annual 01. Finally we have some Fanboy Feedback where we plug some creator work and chat about listeners favorite picks from the week. As always you can call us at 239-244-2899 and leave us a message.

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SHOW REFERENCE #1: You can find the Image Comics teasers here, here, here and here.

SHOW REFERENCE #2: Here’s the picture that Jason discusses….


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