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The Last Phantom #7

Rating: 2/5
Publisher Name: Dynamite Entertainment
Publisher Website:

Writer: Scott Beatty
Pencils: Eduardo Ferigato
Inks: Eduardo Ferigato
Colors: Vinicius Andrade
Number of Pages: 32
Price: .99
Color: Color
Safety Content Label: T+ TEENS AND UP – Appropriate for most readers 13 and up, parents are advised that they might want to read before or with younger children.

Publisher’s Blurb:
Following the conclusion of the harrowing “Ghost Walk,” a new era begins for The Phantom! Injured and on the run from both sides of the law, Kit Walker makes plans for his future while reflecting on his brutal training to carry on the legacy of The Ghost Who Walks. Witness Kit’s debut adventure as The Phantom-in-training in a tale uniting father and son as heroes for the FIRST and LAST time!

Reviewer’s Comments:
I feel I should preface this review by saying that I have never read any of the previous issues of The Last Phantom. For this reason there may be details in the story that I have missed that would have affected my enjoyment of this issue. On other hand, if you are reading this review it is probable that you have never read any issue of this series either. This review will be based with this in mind.

Overall, I did not enjoy this issue. It was not terrible by any stretch, but I found it difficult to be drawn into it.
The dialogue in many places felt clunky. Such as when a pedestrian shouts, “say cheese purple dude!” I realize that the line is meant to be humorous, but it felt flat. Similarly, the line “I won’t make that mistake twice,” being said when Peter touches a hot doorknob, feels silly because shouldn’t he have known not to do that prior to adulthood? If the reader wishes to get a mental picture of what Peter is like as a villain, think Zanatos from Gargoyles. His cadence and mannerisms seem to reflect that character. Sort of Lex Lutherish as well, except for the sinister aspect.

It is also difficult for my to discern the character of the Last Phantom. In the flashback scenes, his personality seems akin to Dick Grayson/Nightwing. A little serious, a little rogueish. Likeable. I do get the sense that the current characterization of the Phantom is meant to be more serious and dry. The problem is that, in this issue, the Last Phantom has very little to do. For this reason, the character is difficult to connect with.

I will give kudos for how the flashback scene is presented. The penciler and colorist both use a style that makes those scenes look as if they are existing on the pages of an old comic book. The pencils are a lot more simple, giving it a 50’s type of feel. The colors are also more muted as well. It contrasts very well with the sleek, highly detailed pages that represent present day. Unfortunately, these scenes are blemished as well, due to a lot of logical errors. Primarily in the form of where characters get shot, and the reprecussions of this. To give details would be to ruin the story. It is possible, however, that since I have not been reading the series, the Phantoms have some amazing power to which I am not aware. Maybe they heal fast?

As far as the art goes, I will also give it kudos, especially for the flashback scenes. The present day scenes do have a realistic and vibrant look to it. The pencils and the colors combine well to creative a Gotham type atmosphere.

Overall though, this issue was not a grabber. If every issue should be written as if there is a reader experiencing its world for the first time, then this issue does not provide for those readers successfully. I would be very interested to hear the comments about this review from those who have been keeping up with the series.


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