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New Website Turns Kids Ideas into Real Characters

Friday, May 6th, Victoria, AUS – Chelsea based is offering kids of all ages the chance to see their ideas and doodles brought to life by professional artists and writers.

X-Worlds is a free website allowing users to submit a unique creature or character idea and see it brought to life. Web viewers of all ages are encouraged to vote on their favourites. The most popular characters will be adapted into an upcoming series of comic books and a toy line. Those whose character ideas get turned into comics and toys will get free copies of all the comics and toys produced by X-Worlds for 12 months.

“It’s so much fun to help kids bring their ideas to life.” said writer Mike Gagnon. “It’s amazing how cool some of the ideas they send in are, it’s a privilege to help create the stories behind their characters.”

Gagnon is a professional writer and comic creator who is part of X-Worlds’ writing team. X-Worlds has also tapped Gagnon as the writer for their soon to be released comic book series.

The background story behind the X-Worlds website and upcoming comic series revolves around Bongo and Ocanora, a brother and sister duo of elfin creatures. The elfin creatures are on a mission to save the entire universe from a dark force threatening to swallow it whole. In order to do this Bongo and Ocanora travel to various planets, galaxies and dimensions looking for fifty-two special creatures (one each week, for a year) who can help save the universe. This is how the stories will be able to use a rotating cast of the most popular characters submitted to the site.

People of all ages can submit character ideas regardless of skill level. Users can upload a scanned drawing or use an interactive drawing page to create their ideas live on-screen at the website. Users can also suggest names and backgrounds with their submissions.

The comic series will soon debut as a web-based series on the site, with print editions to follow later in the year.

Mike Gagnon is a professional artist and writer. He was recently a featured guest at the Toronto Comicon held in Toronto, Canada. More about his work can be found at

X-worlds was founded by CEO David Rosen in 2010 and continues to add new characters every day. You can find out more about X-Worlds at


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