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Created on April 30, 2011 and written by
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Fanboy Buzz - Episode #051

In this episode we talk about Dark Horse Digital App, Graphicly Debuts on Nook Color, a VERY lucky comic book collector and Lex Luthor returns to Smallville. Of course, that also leads into talking about the Superman suit on Smallville. We also talk about the Avengers starting filming. In our comics section we talk about Green Lantern, Green Lantern and Green Lantern. We also have CCL’s Pick of the Week, Prediction Fiction and Jason Dyer’s Rapid Fire Reviews. Hold on tight while we squeeze in both Fanboy Wars AND Fanboy Feedback. You can always call us at 239-244-BUZZ, that’s 239-244-2899!

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4 Responses to “Fanboy Buzz – Episode #051”

  1. nothing


    05-17-2011 4:33 pm

    My poor name! Will the butchery never cease?! :p


  2. nothing


    05-17-2011 10:50 pm

    Haha. I appologie. We try our best, but we seem to destroy them everytime. How SHOULD it be said?


  3. nothing


    05-18-2011 4:22 am

    No worries. :D

    wee gee bow (as in bow and arrow)


    • nothing


      05-18-2011 4:23 am

      I should be more clear. That’s a soft g, so jee


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