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Fanboy Buzz - Episode #050

We celebrate Episode #50 with Holly Golightly and Jim Balent from BroadSword Comics. We also feature the announcement of the 2010 Project Fanboy Awards winners. Of course we have our usual discussions including talking about Upper Deck teaming up with Marvel, Superman Returns director comments on his mistakes (or does he?), Kirkman talks about how he expected The Walking Dead to fail, X-Men #1 sells for $200,00 and DC Comics destroying more comics. We also have a follow up story about Nicolas Cage. Throw in a pinch of our usual segments and a dash of Green Lantern and you have your self an action-packed Episode #50. Call us at 239-244-2899. Thanks for checking out the Fanboy Buzz – A weekly comic book podcast.

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Stephen Jondrew lives in Western Canada, so his igloo building skills are somewhat lacking. When Stephen's not podcasting or working on Fanboy Buzz, he's often spending time with other geeky things from Tech to Sci-Fi.

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