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Fanboy Buzz - Episode #045

DC Comics Joins comiXology’s Affiliate Program, Joseph-Gordon-Levit Closes Deal for Dark Knight Rises, Kevin Costner is Pa Kent, DC continues with their bad PR moves, Adrianne Palicki Wonder Woman Photo, Zuckerberg won’t lay on your desk, and you get to avoid jail if you’re famous. Of course we also have our CCL Comic of the Week, Off the Beaten Path and Jason Dyer’s Rapid Fire Reviews. Finally, we sit down and chat a bit with Phil Smith and Alina Urusov of Top Cow. Call us at 239-244-2899! Thanks for checking out the Fanboy Buzz – A weekly comic book podcast.

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Stephen Jondrew lives in Western Canada, so his igloo building skills are somewhat lacking. When Stephen's not podcasting or working on Fanboy Buzz, he's often spending time with other geeky things from Tech to Sci-Fi.

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